The Dunelm Cricket Society

Founded at the time of the elevation of the County Cricket Club to First
Class status, the Dunelm Cricket Society aims to provide followers of the team with the opportunity to meet each other socially at games. It has the full support of the club's Directors, Staff and Players, many of whom have regularly joined with members in the Society's activities.

Although the Society concentrates on maximising support for the team at away games, it has many members in the North-East too and holds one of its functions annually at the Riverside Ground to provide these members with an accessible opportunity to participate in our activities and meet members from around the country. The Society's principal event is an Annual Dinner held in London but we are also already planning for 2001 a pre-season supper, a Players' Reception during the game at Hove and informal get-togethers at other games, including the two new venues at which we shall be playing, Gloucester and Kidderminster.

Last season members gathered at Trent Bridge, Tunbridge Wells, Ilford,
Basingstoke, Finchampstead, Southgate, Edgbaston, Taunton and The Oval. Old friendships were renewed and many new ones forged in the sociable environment provided by the match itself and adjacent hostelries. We hope to see these supporters again in the coming months and welcome new ones too.

Although the Society is essentially non-profit making, we have managed each year to donate any surplus funds to the Club for use in a practical way. You may, for example, have noticed that some of the Academy players last season were wearing track-suits bearing the Society's name and we have other projects in mind for the future.

Membership cost is £5 per household, merely to cover the administrative costs of regular mailings to notify members of forthcoming events and meeting places. If you would like to join us in our activities, formal and informal, have the opportunity to meet the players on some of these occasions, or merely to meet fellow supporters of like mind, please send a cheque for £5, payable to The Durham Cricket Society, to : Gillian Edger (Dunelm), JR
Capital Management, 27 St. James's Place, London SW1A 1NR or telephone 020-7514 1915 for details.

Ian Todd

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