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The Art of Seeing and Hearing

Art in the twenty-first century isn't all about making the headlines. Artists are extending the boundaries of art by exhibiting an unmade bed or a pile of rubbish. But amidst all the hype, there are still some artists who stick to what they are passionate about regardless of whether it is fashionable.

Barbados-born artist David Skinner has been painting the same subjects for over twenty years and shows no signs of getting bored. It's all about making art that can be seen and heard.

David began painting forty years ago and has spent the last twenty years focusing on the Great Game. But David Skinner is a portrait painter; he likes to paint people. And the celebrity cricketer proves a compelling subject.

David uses an unusual technique to capture the essence of the modern game. He selects the palette for each painting based upon the colours assigned to the subject's zodiac sign. The colour is then mainpulated in intensitry and tonal value based upon the artist's perception of the subject's personality, providing a completely unique work of art.

Andrew Clarke, co-owner of Balmain Fine Art where David's work is exhibited, was immediately drawn to his paintings. He says, "When you look at David's painting you can see and hear them. The exuberance of cricket comes through them. They are alive". He goes on to say, "They are quality portraits. Cricket fans will know exactly who the portrait is of just by their stance".

David's work is well known in his native Barbados. His height of action painting of the Maestro Garfield Sobers hangs on the wall of Nelson Mandela's home in South Africa. Viv Richards and Lords Cricket Museum are home to further paintings.

David will be exhibiting his work at Durham County Cricket Club from 16th May - 17th June 2001. Entry if free on non-match days or free with a match ticket when a match is in progress.


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