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Durham Looking For Computer Volunteers

Durham are on the lookout for a computer literate supporters with time on their hands who could play a vital role in the club's success this season.

New coach Martyn Moxon wants to use a computer programme which lets him know how every single player is performing. It worked for him at Yorkshire and now the club is looking for volunteers who can input the data as the games progress at the Riverside.

The StatsMaster software generates run scoring charts for batsmen as well as bowling accuracy tables. Geoff Cook, Durham's Director Cricket, says: "As the game moves into a technical age the benefits to the players are enormous. Each ball can be analysed and the performance of batsmen and bowlers can be detailed for their whole innings, broken down into strong areas, weak areas and areas to work on. It's very much developing into a vital part of every international team and becoming more and more prevalent in the county game."

"The system is used after the match and the statistics are forwarded to the team captain or the team coach for analysis."

Anyone with an interest in cricket and some knowledge of computers who can devote the time to operate the system should contact Pat Walton at the club on 0191 387 1717 extension 2847.

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