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GP Assists Durham County Cricket Club With Work Life Balance

Stockport, UK - 5 September 2020 - General Physics (GP), one of the
market-leading performance improvement companies, has helped Durham County Cricket Club (D.C.C.C) improve team performance and create a better working environment through work-life balance (WLB). The club called on GP to help it to address some of its work-life challenges as part of a government-funded initiative - the DTI
(formerly DfEE) Work-Life Balance Challenge Fund, which is helping provide British business with expert consultancy to improve business efficiency and promote flexible working.

The initiative is the first carried out by a British sports club, and is
part of the club's business development strategy. During the six-month
project, GP's WLB consultants have worked with employees at Durham to identify issues affecting their work-life balance, working environment, and flexible working requirements.

As part of the evaluation process, GP's consultants have conducted
enterprise-wide discussion sessions and interviews where staff have been given the opportunity to raise working concerns and express best-case solutions. These open and honest discussions have included the club's top officials, and have been seen as central to the success of the project, developing trust and an increased team spirit.

Work-life balance has been identified by the government as a key policy
area, and plays a central role in improving corporate performance and
individual job satisfaction for employees in British businesses. The DTI
Work-Life Balance Challenge Fund has already provided around 70 businesses with funding to allow them to benefit from the expertise of specialists like General Physics.

The increasing commercial requirement of modern sport has resulted in
work-life balance becoming an increasing important issue for British clubs, and this is highlighted by the fact that off the field activity now accounts for more than sixty percent of business at the club's Chester-le-Street ground. This increased commercial capacity has resulted in new working requirements and practices for staff, something which Durham County Cricket Club Chief Executive, David Harker, says GP has helped them to better understand.

David Harker says, "I have been delighted with the results from the
work-life balance project which GP has implemented. GP's consultants have helped us to improve team spirit, and identify where we can improve the work-life balance throughout the organisation. "Our work-life balance work has played an important part of the wider business development being undertaken at Durham County Cricket Club, and has
helped everyone to understand the changes necessary to ensure both business and sporting success."

Maria Novelly, Communications Manager at General Physics says, "The on-going work with Durham County Cricket Club has highlighted how the changing face of British business impacts on its single most important resource - its staff. The importance placed on work-life balance by the new government highlights the benefits that can be achieved by implementing flexible working practices, and relieving the pressure that long and inflexible working arrangements can have.

"The DTI Work-Life Balance Challenge Fund, which General Physics is proud to participate in, offers business an excellent opportunity to benefit from the expertise that GP can offer. The benefits already being experienced by Durham County Cricket Club and its staff will change the way that the club and its employees work, for mutual benefit and competitive advantage."

GP is the principal operating subsidiary of GP Strategies Corporation,
listed on the New York Stock Exchange as GPX. GP is a performance
improvement company with more than 1,900 professionals and more than 70 offices worldwide. In the UK, GP is registered as General Physics (UK) Limited and has headquarters in Stockport, Cheshire. GP develops training programmes for the specific needs of clients. Programmes have been developed for systems managers and executives, engineers, sales associates, plant operators, the maintenance and purchasing workforces, and information technology professionals in the public and private sectors in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Clients include multi-national companies,
manufacturing and process industries, utilities, and other commercial and government customers. Additional information about GP may be found at www.gpworldwide.com. GP's worldwide headquarters are in Columbia, Maryland, USA.

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